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Excited to announce the realease of Cinema my third solo album. Including performances by Andy Falco, Klyph Black, Randolph Hudson III, Paul Brokaw, Sarah Green, Cynthia Daniels, Greta Quezada, Michael LeClerc, and James Bernard it will be available on all streaming platforms on Mays 1st. Taking pre-orders for CD's now.

Stories From The Dark Heart Tavern 

Dedicated to all the folks who had the courage to journey to The Dark Heart Tavern, who’s lives are chronicled in these stories and who’s music helped to light the darkness. These stories are your stories. I am fortunate and honored to have been able to tell them.

Thank you to all the players whose considerable music talents added so much beauty to this album, Jon Preddice-Cello, Randy Hudson-12 string baritone guitar, Inda Eaton and Caroline Doctorow -background vocals and Pete Kennedy guitars, percussion, vocals and mandolin, Jean Schroeder percussion.

Produced by Pete Kennedy, Caroline Doctorow and Fred Raimondo

Recorded at Narrow Lane Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Pete Kennedy

Pieces Of Our Souls 

Songwriting is an important form of communication. The act of writing and performing songs connects us to a tradition that takes us back to the earliest days of our collective experience. Even in a time of 24/7 access, constant visual stimulation and minimal attention span people yearn for the experience of getting together and hearing other people's stories and sharing their own. The popularity of open mics and the sheer amount of people playing and performing original music has transformed the way music is shared and heard. Recording technology has evolved to the point where everyone can record and distribute their songs and stories. I launched this website to allow me to communicate information about myself but also to celebrate all of us who are sharing through our songs and stories, Pieces Of Our Souls.