The Bredfrys

The Bredfrys came together around a shared interest in creating original music. The songs they write and perform are steeped in American musical tradition but still sound contemporary and fresh. Guitarist Bob Wallen, a veteran of blues R&B and reggae bands writes, sings and handles the lead work. Paul Brokaw classically trained but Rock and Roll tainted handles the keyboards and harmonies. Fred Raimondo who for the last 3 decades has played with Paul in the original acoustic trio Damaged Goods, writes sings and plays acoustic and electric guitar. George Becza plays bass and also manufactures the bands amplifiers (how’s that for double duty.) Glenn Brewster bangs out the rhythm in a style that all his own. These are real songs from real places, original music in the truest sense of the word.

This is music that speaks to your heart and to your head, all the while keeping your feet tapping and your legs moving.

Because at the end of the’s all about the groove... 

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