Quiet Night For The Working Girls

Quiet Night For The Working Girls from Friday night's Share The Harvest Concert at Stephen Talkhouse. Kevin Twigg joins us on drums, Michael LeClerc on bass. Thank you PJ Delia for the video.

Little Flower

Little Flower

Produced by Caroline Doctorow, Pete Kennedy and myself. It features beautiful performances by Caroline and Pete as well as Jonathan Preddice, Inda Eaton, Kevin Twigg, Thomas Provencher, Paul Brokaw Jean Schroeder and Sarah Greene. I can't say…

New CD-Reflections Of Little Flower

Mastering is completed! Produced by Pete Kennedy, Caroline Doctorow and myself, Reflections of Little Flower will be released this spring! It features 11 songs performd by Fred Raimondo with Paul Brokaw, Kevin Twigg, Jon Preddice, Sarah Green, Caroline Doctorow, Tom…